Guide to Feeding Right with Food & Treats

Food plays a very important role in keeping the pet healthy. However, it is not as simple as filling the
bowls with some food and be done for the day. Here is a quick guide to feeding the pets right with good
food & treats.
 Feeding at Regular Intervals – It is always advisable to stick to a routine and feed the pets at
regular intervals. Feeding them every hour can lead to obesity or indigestion in pets. A routine
will also help the pets learn punctuality and discipline.
 Choose a Balanced Diet – It is not just the store bought packs, pets need a balanced diet so that
they get all the nutrients they need. Food & treats can vary from dry to wet food, packaged
food, dry meat treats and so on.
 Avoid Overfeeding – Pets should be given the right kind of food in the right amount. The
quantity can vary depending on the size of the breed and its lifestyle i.e. how active the pet is in
terms of exercising, play or physical activity.
 Do Not Feed Table Scraps – Human food may not be as friendly no matter how well it is
prepared. So avoid giving table scraps to pets as they might contain harmful ingredients that
could cause allergies. The food could also have high content of calories and fat.
 Use Treats for Motivational Purpose Only – Treats should be used as positive reinforcement
tools. They must be regarded as rewards even by the pets. Choose low-fat and healthy treats so
that the pets get to enjoy a treat in a healthy way.
 Choose Pet Food Only – Thankfully the pet care industry has grown leaps and bounds thereby
offering an expansive range of options in treats. So, there is no need to opt for other kinds of
food when there is exclusive pet food available.
What Food to Give for Canines
The best thing about dogs is that they can thrive on anything. They are pretty much easy to feed and will
eat anything they are provided with. It doesn’t mean pet parents can feed their dogs with whatever is
available at home.
 Dogs love meat. Apart from being protein rich, meat also provides essential nutrients to the
canine friend. Check out the local butcher shop if they can give the leftover bones. They make
good snacks for the pups and also keep their teeth healthy.
 Pet parents can also give their furry friends fresh fish. Fish is beneficial in a lot of ways. Rich in
Omega-3 fats, it keeps the pet’s heart, coat and joints healthy. So, go ahead and give the pets
their favorite fish in one meal.
 Just because dogs like meat doesn’t mean they cannot eat vegetables and fruits. They too have
their favorite flavors. While vegetables are good in fiber, minerals and vitamins; fruits provide
antioxidants as well as minerals and vitamins.
 Grains too are healthy for dogs. They provide a good amount of energy and keep them active
throughout the day. They also provide fiber which aids in digestion and keeps their gut healthy.
Things to Avoid for Canines

There are a certain things that have to be strictly avoided and never be fed to pets. Humans can tolerate
these foods but pets cannot. Here are a few foods that have to be avoided
 Chocolate must be avoided at all cost. The ingredient theobromine present in chocolates can
prove to be very toxic to pups and dogs.
 Grapes and raisins are believed to cause kidney failure as dogs cannot metabolize the
falvonoids, monosaccharides and tannins from grapes. Even a single grape or raisin can be
potentially dangerous for the pup.
 Dogs cannot eat macadamia nuts too as they are high in fat content. There are cases where pets
have experienced pancreatitis i.e. pancreas inflammation. The signs to watch out for are
diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.
 Alcohol too must be avoided as too much of toxicity can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. In
extreme situations, the dog could also die with excessive consumption. So, keep alcohol out of
 Sometimes, the most common ingredients prove to be very harmful. Onions and garlic available
in almost every home. It will come as a surprise that these two items can lead to anaemia in
dogs. That is why pets should not be given scraps which contain onion and garlic.
What Food to Give for Felines
Cats are carnivores which means they prefer meat and they survive only when they get their share of
meat. Cat’s diet must consist of protein rich food, low in carbs and moderate in fat.
 Pet parents can give good quality store bought packaged dry food. They are designed to cater to
the nutritional needs of cats.
 Alternatively, felines can also be provided with wet food especially the picky eaters and those
with dental issues.
 Pet parents can consult a vet if they choose to give their cat homemade food. Fresh fish or
canned tuna can also be given. But a vet can suggest how the food can be made wholesome.
What to Avoid
Cats too have a sensitive stomach. Look for the labels on packaged pet food. The label should mention
complete and balanced or wholesome and nutritious. This food is formulated to meet the nutritional
needs of the cat.
 Just like dogs, even cats cannot have chocolates, grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts, alcohol,
and onion and garlic for the same reasons mentioned above.
 Caffeinated drinks also must be avoided. They could face serious abdominal discomfort,
seizures, abnormal heart rhythm, etc.
 The other food that cats should avoid are raw eggs, meat and bones as they could be attractive
salmonella and E.Coli present on the meat. Raw dough is also dangerous as it causes the
stomach to expand. Milk and dairy products are just as dangerous and can cause serious
digestive issues.

For any reason, if the cat might have ingested any of the above, they must be immediately taken to a
vet. This store features toys, grooming supplies, accessories, food & treats, beds and supplies for small animals.

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